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Feb 9, 2022 Newsletter

By Jay Cole, 02/09/22, 9:30PM MST


REP Pgm, Behaviour, Family Day, Finals, Banquet, Summer Hockey & more

REP Program/Covid

  • Players that had to withdraw from the regular season can now be put on the spare list
  • Fast Passes - Return to your Team Rep
  • Masks still Required inside LRC and in the dressing rooms at this time 
  • Masks on still if you are checking on the game before you from your room!
  • NO Beverages on the bench!
  • If you are feeling sick, STAY HOME-BOOK A SPARE! Let’s stay safe! Self Screen before game days please!


  • There has been an increasing amount of verbal jarring between some players on the benches as well as towards the officials. 
  • This needs to stop immediately. 
  • This is a recreational/gentlemen's league and we should be treating everyone with respect on and off the ice. 
  • Team reps - Please reinforce this message with all of your players, it is your responsibility to keep your bench under control. 
  • Our Ref Coordinator, Bryan Evans, does his best to get out as strong of pairs of officials as we have available that weekend. 
  • Respect these guys as they do a pretty good job putting up with us on a week to week basis! 
  • Remember they are beer league officials just as you are a beer league player! Mistakes happen, calls sometimes are missed just as you miss the net often (not me though!!)
  • We have to be out of the late games 2 dressing rooms BY 11:45pm! They are no longer warning us, but fining us 1 hour min OT. 

Player Safety

  • The compete level is always higher at playoff time. 
  • Again, remember that we all work the next day; 
  • Sometimes it’s better to back off a bit on a tight play and avoid a nasty collision and risk injury to yourself, a teammate or an opponent. 
  • Look out for one another out there. If you find yourself getting a little “pissy”, take a shift off or go cool off in the dressing room. 

Family Day Social Sunday Feb 20

  • Concourse between the twin rinks is licensed from 7pm-midnight, Masks still in effect when not eating/drinking
  • Finals are Saturday March 19th
  • D final 9:30am Aspen Custom Trailers Arena
  • C final 11:15am Aspen Custom Trailers Arena
  • B final 1:00pm Aspen Custom Trailers Arena
  • A final 2:45pm Aspen Custom Trailers Arena
  • Banquet doors open 5:00pm @ LRC Fieldhouse 
  • Supper appx 6:00pm  /  Awards 7:00pm
  • Live Music from Leduc Old Blades own house band “Gentlemens League” starting at 8:00pm
  • Kosmos is catering the supper and running the bar for us
  • Each full time member has 1 banquet ticket prepaid for them, additional tickets will be available for spouses and spares shortly @ $40 each. 
  • Each team needs to supply TWO door prizes ($50 or more value each) for the year end event!

Summer Hockey

  • Interested in Summer Hockey?
  • Let us know if you want to play either or both options we are contemplating (4 team summer season and/or drop in shinny)
  • On our home page @ there is a link to a google form/survey.
  • Survey will close March 20th after the finals and we will then look to open registration for the summer season if the interest is strong. 
  • We are planning to also hold some more typical Shinny skates as well!

Leduc Old Blades gear 
Alice Embroidery has some sweet gear available!

On behalf of the entire executive board, thank you for your efforts in making this as good a year as we could!
If you have any concerns, questions or comments, send them to your team rep or reach out to any one of us on the board!