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Winter Season 22-23 SPARE Registration open until Nov 27th

See Registration Tab above for Registration link for Sparing this Winter!!!

Scroll down for August Preseason Skates & Tentative 2022-23 Regular Season Too!!!

Pre-Season Skates

Date Time Arena Cost
Sunday August 7 7:30pm - 9:00pm Wilhauk $20/player
Sunday August 14 7:00pm - 8:30pm Wilhauk $20/player
Sunday August 14 8:45pm - 10:15pm Wilhauk $20/player
Sunday August 21 7:00pm - 8:30pm Wilhauk $20/player
Sunday August 21 8:45pm - 10:15pm Wilhauk $20/player

Latest Old Blades News

Click here or go to the NEWS tab to get the latest Old Blades newsletter and information.

2022-23 Season (Tentative)

Regular Season Draft 2022-08-26 LA Crude Rugby Hall
Reg Season - W1 2022-08-28
Reg Season - W2 2022-09-04 September Social
Reg Season - W3 2022-09-11
Reg Season - W4 2022-09-18
Reg Season - W5 2022-09-25
Reg Season - W6 2022-10-02 Thanksgiving Social
Reg Season - W7 2022-10-09
Reg Season - W8 2022-10-16
Reg Season - W9 2022-10-23
Reg Season - W10 2022-10-30
Reg Season - W11 2022-11-06 November Social
Reg Season - W12 2022-11-13
Reg Season - W13 2022-11-20
Reg Season - W14 2022-11-27
Reg Season - W15 2022-12-04
Reg Season - W16 2022-12-11
Reg Season - W17 2022-12-18 Christmas Social
NO GAMES 2022-12-25
Reg Season - W18 2022-12-30
NO GAMES 2023-01-01
Reg Season - W19 2023-01-08
Reg Season - W20 2023-01-15
Reg Season - W21 2023-01-22
W22 - playoffs W1 2023-01-29
W23 - playoffs W2 2023-02-05
W24 - playoffs W3 2023-02-12 Family Day Social
W25 - playoffs W4 2023-02-19
W26 - playoffs W5 2023-02-26
W27 - playoffs W6 2023-03-05
W28 - playoffs W7 2023-03-12
Final Saturday 2023-03-18

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Leduc Old Blades Hockey League

The Leduc Old Blades Hockey League was established in 1973 for Leduc and area hockey players 35 years and older. The league consists of eight teams with all teams making the playoffs. In the offseason, the league holds an annual draft giving members a unique experience while promoting league parity.

Games are played every Sunday night at the Leduc Recreation Centre. The Leduc Old Blades Hockey League accepts players of all skill levels and we encourage you to come check us out. If you are interested in joining, check out our registration page or if you would like more information, feel free to contact us at

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Contact Us

Leduc Old Blades Hockey League